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A doctorate is a highly respected degree granted to the person pursuing a doctoral program. The holder of this degree is known as the ‘Doctor’ of the particular course he or she has been pursuing. The degree is recognized as the highest award that can be earned by a student for graduate study.

The degree classification for doctoral programs includes numerous degrees such as Doctor of Education, Doctor of Public Health, Doctor of Juridical Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Doctoral programs are offered in many subjects such as philosophy, literature, management, psychology, agronomy, engineering, food technology, public administration, education, radiology or ophthalmology.

Types of Doctorates

Since old times there has been considerable proliferation in the types of doctorates and doctoral programs offered by universities throughout the world. Listed below are the basic doctorates granted by universities:

Research Doctorates

Under this doctoral program the doctorate degree is awarded on the basis of the original research work submitted by the student. The research work usually is an entire thesis on a certain topic or a series of project reports. Most of the students take years to complete this kind of doctoral program. The best example of such a doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy.

Higher Doctorates

These degrees are a grade higher than the research doctorates. They are often also awarded to a scholar when the university expresses its interest in formally recognizing his or her achievements and contributions in a specific field. Examples of such degrees are the Doctor of Sciences (DSc/ScD), Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Literature (DLitt/LittD), and they are usually granted in countries such as the UK, Ireland and France.

Professional Doctorates

Professional doctorates are always awarded in those fields where most degree holders are not involved primarily in scholarly research, but are professionals in those areas. These fields include law, medicine, education, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, ministry or music.

Honorary Doctorates

The university honors a scholar with this kind of a doctorate when it wishes to recognize his or her achievements and contributions to a particular field, or philanthropic efforts in the society.

Doctorate in Management: Who Should Pursue It?

For all those who are looking for career advancement in the field of management, a doctorate in management can bring about wonders. The program is a great way to improve your business skills while climbing up the corporate ladder. It can help you make significant progress in your career path. The Census Bureau of the United States has reported that the workers with such an advanced degree in management as a PhD enjoy very handsome salaries.

Doctoral Programs in Management

The doctoral program in management offered by most schools teaches the students to apply research methods and social science disciplines to the problems of management. Candidates pursuing this program may specialize in any of the multiple fields such as human resource management, international business, strategy, organizational behavior and theory and operations management.

The faculty works with the students as a team in an attempt to perform research activities on organizational strategy and human behavior, organizational learning and adaptation, human resources and competitiveness, technology adoption, international cooperative relationships, foreign strategic investments, transfer within and across organizations, diffusion, new venture formation and corporate entrepreneurship. The students can tailor the program according to their needs and interest by picking and choosing the areas of their choice.

Offline Doctoral Programs in Management

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School offers doctoral programs in business administration in order to polish young scholars so that they may become faculty at the world-renowned business schools. Being one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Harvard offers excellent resources and an outstanding faculty.

The school offers two doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA): Degree granted by HBS (Harvard Business School).
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Granted in collaboration with several departments at Harvard.

Contact information:
Harvard Business School
Doctoral Programs
Wyss House
Boston, MA 02163
Phone: (617) 495-6101


Boston University School of Management

The PhD program in management offered by Boston University’s Graduate School of Management caters to the needs of the fast-changing global business environment. It emphasizes skills required to cope with global competition, technological changes, information revolution and constant shifts in social and political environments around the world. It is designed to train scholars to develop management theories so that they may be able to contribute substantially and effectively to management education worldwide.

Program: PhD in Management.

Contact Information:
Boston University School of Management
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 353-9720


University of Maryland University College

The Graduate School of Management & Technology at the University of Maryland offers a cohort doctoral program in Management. The University pays emphasis on the practical aspects of learning, and the students are taught the concepts of leadership, management theory and practice, strategy formulation, technology acquisition, operational planning and global operations.

Doctorate in Management.

Contact Information:
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783
Phone: 800-888-UMUC (8682)

Weatherhead School of Management: Case Western Reserve University

The Doctor of Management program offered by the Weatherhead School of Management was created in 1995. It was designed for experienced executives possessing the capability, passion and intellect required to pursue a terminal degree. The program offered by the school is a residency-based one. It is not only highly interactive and trans-disciplinary, but is also completely globally oriented. It can be completed in a period of as little as three years.

Doctorate in management.

Contact Information:
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-7235
Phone: (216) 368-2030

Online Schools that Offer Doctorate Programs in Management

When it comes to doctoral programs, most online schools offer a PhD in the field of management or business administration. A PhD, which is a doctorate degree, can prove to be an excellent choice for all those who have a passion for a specific field, and wish to contribute to it.

This degree can pave one’s path for brighter future prospects and very good income. However, it is important to choose the right kind of school in order to make the most of it. Also, since most of the people decide to pursue a PhD after reaching a certain level in their career, taking it up online can have its own advantages. This way they can continue with their jobs and still keep adding to their qualification.

In the United States, there are many good schools that offer doctoral programs in a variety of subject areas. Some well-known schools that provide a doctorate in management are:

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix, which was founded in 1976, is the biggest private university in the United States. It is known to offer the largest number of accredited degree programs online. It is the first university of its kind to provide online college education through complete degree programs on the Internet. It is accredited by HLC or The Higher Learning Commission, and has more than 9,600 faculty members alone in its online campus. On an average, each faculty member holds either a ‘master’ or a ‘doctoral’ degree, and has at least 16 years of experience, in this university.

In the field of management, the University of Phoenix offers the following two doctorates:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Organizational Leadership

Contact Information:
Online Campus:
University of Phoenix
3157 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (866) 766-0766

Grand Canyon University Online

Grand Canyon University has been offering online programs since 2000. It was founded in 1949 as a private Christian university. Since then it has come a long way in offering premier education in the field of business, arts, sciences and Christian studies. It has a very advanced curriculum that prepares its graduates to excel in today’s global world market.

The Grand Canyon University offers a Doctorate in Education degree in Organizational Leadership. It offers the following variations of this doctorate:

  • EdD in Organizational Leadership: Higher Education Leadership
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership: Behavioral Health
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership: Instructional Leadership
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership: Effective Schools
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership: Organizational Development

Contact Information:
Grand Canyon University
3300 W. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Toll Free: 1-877-860-3951
Direct: (602) 639-7500

Jones International University

Jones International University came into being in 1993, and is known to be the first accredited online school. The university offers career advancement educational opportunities in business administration, education and business communications. It makes use of online methods of education to provide flexible ways of learning to usually busy working adults.

Doctorate in Business Administration

Contact Information:
Jones International University
9697 East Mineral Avenue
Centennial, CO 80112

Telephone: 303.784.8904
Toll free: 800.811.5663
Fax: 303.799.0966

Northcentral University

It is an accredited online university that offers doctoral programs in management, business, education, and technology management. The classes are especially designed for adult students who have a career to take care of. Faculty members at the Northcentral University try to build one on one relationship with their students to enhance the quality of education they are providing.

Contact Information:
Northcentral University
10000 E. University Drive
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Phone: (866) 776-0331

University of the Rockies Online

The University of Rockies Online offers premium-quality teaching to adult individuals looking for a significant growth in their careers and lives. It helps them build up organizational leadership qualities and a professional attitude.


  • Doctor of Psychology in Non-Profit Management
  • Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Consulting
  • Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Diversity
  • Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Leadership

Contact information:
University of Rockies
555 East Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3612
Phone: (866) 621-0124

Director of Online Admissions – Adam Forrest, MA

Career Options After a Doctorate in Management

Doctorate degree holders usually opt for careers as university professors, but many of them also go ahead to take up administrative positions. They contribute in research and development work pertaining to their own respective fields.

These doctorate holders are paid handsomely. University professors often earn several hundred thousand dollars more than their counterparts with a master’s degree. However, the competition for these jobs can be cutthroat, which is why students contemplating PhD programs in an attempt to pursue their goals of teaching should do a lot of research and weigh their options well.

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